Watch This Maid Get Busted Pouring Urine Into Her Boss’s Drink

Maid Pouring Urine

That’s one way to get him back.

We’ve probably all encountered some terrible bosses in our time – what’s that saying? There’s no bad jobs, just terrible bosses – but I don’t think I’ve ever had one that would make me want to actually pour urine into his drink.

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Luckily I’ve never been in the same situation as these maids over in Kuwait though, who hated her boss so much that she did exactly that. Only problem is that she got busted on camera doing it. Whoops.

Apparently the family had already become suspicious of her conduct before this episode and so decided to install a camera in the kitchen to monitor her conduct. And it’s a good thing they did otherwise the father might have been drinking urine for lunch.

In the video you can see one of the maids  preparing the drink, before the other one comes over, takes a beaker from underneath her clothes and tops off the drink with it before going about her business preparing food. Brutal.

Not so good. Since the video was reported we can only assume that the maid has been fired.

The boss has gone on record saying he was shocked by the event and that everyone should keep close tabs on their maids to make sure they’re not pulling their own shit. To be honest, I’m not so lazy that I need to pay someone to make me food and drinks, so I should be OK, but if anyone out there is then maybe you should make sure you treat them nicely and with respect, then this won’t end up happening to you.

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