Mahershala Ali Shares First Look Teaser Image Of Him As Blade The Vampire Hunter

Looking sharp.

Nobody is really sure where the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going post Endgame – sure we know there’s an Eternals movie and probably a Shang Chi movie and the X-Men will show up at some point, but how is all that gonna fit in together? – but everyone is pretty excited to see what Masherala Ali is going to do with the Blade The Vampire Hunter franchise.

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The original intellectual property was a big hit for Wesley Snipes back in the 90s, even if it was a bit silly, so hopefully the new version will be even darker and more bloody. Not much is know about the plotline or direction yet, but Ali decided to get fans pumped up during lockdown by sharing the following image of him as Blade on his Instagram account:


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Yeah I mean, that does look cool and hip and everything I expect from a 2020s version of Blade, but it kinda only makes me wanna know more about it right now. The movie doesn’t even have a release date right now and probably isn’t going to be out until 2022 at the earliest, so it’s more just annoying that Mahershala Ali is doing stuff like that. Sort it out pal.

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