Watch This Magician Convince A Guy That He’s Full On Invisible



Whatever way you look at it, magic is always pretty cool because the magicians are basically con artists that very rarely ever get caught out and there’s something about manipulating the audience like that that I find really impressive.

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In the trick below though, Justin Willman is actually enlisting the help of the audience and only duping one guy, but doing it to the absolute maximum. He plays a trick to convince this guy that he’s invisible and well, let’s just say that his reaction and hijinks after he’s convinced are absolutely hilarious. Get a load of this:

Lol – I love the way that Jonathan is such a mark throughout it all but has no idea that he’s being filmed. Also kinda stereotypical and possible racist that they showed him trying to steal the wine but I suppose it only added even more to the experience didn’t it?

I wasn’t sure if the other guy was in on it or not so that was a bit weird, but still it’s a great trick and really made me wanna watch the rest of the series too. Well I just really wanna see how Jonathan reacted when he found out he had been totally and utterly got, but I’m sure the rest of the series – it’s Magic For Humans on Netflix – probably has some good episodes too. Check it out.

For more invisibility, check out this guy who tired to rob a bank after a wizard made him invisible. Smart.


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