VIDEO: Maggot Found Living In Woman’s Ear After She Complains Of Earache

Maggot Living Woman's Ear

Earache sucks, but it’s probably even worse when you find out it’s caused by a maggot living in your ear.

A 48 year old woman from Taipei in Taiwan went to hospital complaining of an earache. What they found in her ear was way more horrific than any earache though.

Doctor Cheng Ping Shih noticed that her left ear was full of blood stained discharge and when they took her hearing aid off found the disgusting maggot hanging out underneath it. He said that the fact there was a hearing aid in her ear – which made it warmer – made it an appealing place for fruit flys to lay their eggs and for the maggot to stay once it had hatched.

The maggot eroded the skin at the base of her ear canal, causing her the pain that she felt. Doctors were able to remove it and gave her a bunch of antibiotics and everything was back to normal within two weeks thankfully. However, if I knew that a maggot had been living in my ear I’m not sure that I would ever recover because it’s possibly the rankest thing ever. Here’s hoping the woman managed to get over it.

You can see a short video about it below which is totally disgusting so maybe don’t watch it if you’ve just eaten. Sorry about the presenter on it too, he’s a complete knob jockey.

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