Magaluf’s New Mayor Delivers Crippling Blow To Keep Boozed Up Brits Out

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The party’s over.

British tourists have been causing mayhem on the Balearic Islands for years now due to their drunken behaviour.

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As a result, over the past year local government has been coming up with a whole host of strategies to try and crack down on Brits abroad and bring some much-needed peace to hotspots such as Magaluf and Ibiza.


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This summer, the new mayor Alfonso Rodriguez Badal spoke out about ‘messy tourists’ while clubs were shut and bar crawls were banned. The local authority rolled out a list of 64 banned activities including nudity, drinking alcohol in public spaces and even climbing trees.

However, in their most extreme move yet, the government chiefs on the Balearic Islands are looking to double the tourist tax in order to put off British tourists from visiting during high-season. Apparently, the price hike still needs to go before the region’s Parliament for final approval.

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If it does go ahead, anyone visiting in high-season will see the charge jump to £2.60 per person for each day’s stay while people staying at hotels will pay £3.55. Not a massive amount, but it is when you consider that most of the tourists visiting from the UK are skint and looking to live off of £1 shots for the week.

Government sources state that the move was in line with its intention to promote the Islands as an off-peak destination too and plans to appeal to families as part of its ‘Better in Winter’ campaign. Good luck trying to get families over to the land of booze, fights and STDs.


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