Magaluf And Ibiza Planning To Ban Pissed Up Brits By 2018

This is the end.

Despite the fact that Magaluf had one of its busiest years, a series of rules have been enforced by the area to try and curb the drunken behaviour of British tourists.

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And now it appears that officials in the Balearics have confirmed that they’re going to get even stricter in 2018 in a bid to change the reputation of its main resorts.


The head of tourism for the Balearics said: 

The tourism sector must also collaborate to improve tourism and to improve our image and the first step to collaborate is to comply with the rules.

The new “rules” involve the pub and club owners being stricter on drunk tourists. Palma Mayor Antoni Noguera said:

We will be strong with those who do not comply with the regulations.

We have acted with one sole objective, to fight against uncivic behaviour, because here everything is not good.


Some of the rules include tourists facing fines ranging from  €100 to €3000 for offences such as drinking from the shower, climbing trees and even walking around shirtless in some places. Meanwhile, bar owners have been told not to serve drinks to anyone who is already visibly drunk and to stop customers from going into the streets with glasses or bottles.

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Looks like things are changing for the major Brits abroad hotspots. I guess the locals have had enough – after all, holidaymakers have been ruining them for years.


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