Madonna Twerked On Stage With Ariana Grande And It Was Absolutely Horrific


Madonna, please never do this again.

Back in 2003, Madonna was the “sexy older woman” snogging Britney Spears on stage at the MTV awards. Fast forward to 2016 – she’s still trying to pull off the same moves with young pop stars but somehow it’s not coming off quite as well.

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Get a load of this twerk action alongside Ariana Grande:

Yikes! No one wants to see that, do they? Madonna is 58 years old. She doesn’t need to be up on stage twerking her gross butt with everything she’s accomplished in her career. Yet she insists on doing stuff like this and sticking her tongue down Drake’s throat. I’m not trying to hate on Madonna so much as appeal to her to save what dignity she has left. I hope she apologises for this stunt not only to everyone who had to see it but to Ariana Grande as well.

Also, she should probably stop posting half-naked selfies on Instagram.


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