Madonna, Naked In The Bath, Calls Coronavirus The ‘Great Equaliser’ In Weird Rant (VIDEO)

Quarantine is making Madonna a bit crazy.

Madonna has become a bit of a weirdo these last few years, and it looks like cancelling her European tour to self-isolate at home is only going to make her weirder. 

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The 61-year-old pop legend put out this video where she gets naked in the bath and says Covid-19 has made us all equal because it doesn’t care how rich or famous or funny or smart or how old someone is. Whoa, so deep…

“What’s terrible about it is what’s great about it”… that it made us all equal? I think that’s what she’s trying to say. What I don’t get is why she needs to tell us all this from the bathtub? Who’s going to scrub that bath and get rid of the flowers petals when she’s finished? So much for equality!

Anyway it’s still early days and we’re already seeing so many rich celebs being weird and jealous of coronavirus stealing all the headlines. I mean she had to get a rose-petaled milk bath, naked, with her hair done and tits showing just to deliver this message that makes no sense. How can this be anything other than vanity and/or self-marketing?

As cringey as Sam Smith’s ‘quarantine meltdown’ the other day? Probably not.


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