Madonna Got Her Boobs Out On Instagram Again And Reaction Was Extremely Mixed

“Are you sure that’s not Johnny Depp?”

Look, we like to think of ourselves as a body positive website here on Sick Chirpse and so if 61-year-old Madonna wants to share pictures of her 61-year-old tits on Instagram, more power to her. For a woman of her age, she actually looks great, especially considering what a fast and hard life she’s been living since the early 80s:

So yeah, more than happy to blog this and get some extra eye balls on it. But that doesn’t mean everyone else in the online world is happy about it:

Geez, what a bunch of negative nancies some of those Tweeters are! Sure Madonna is an attention-seeker who can’t imagine life without being famous but she’s still one of the biggest, most successful musicians of all time. If she wants to get a titty or two out for the ‘Gram then let her do her thing IMO.

Anyway, here’s hoping she recovers from whatever caused her to be on that crutch. Never forget:

For the time Dennis Rodman said Madonna offered him $20 million to get her pregnant, click HERE. Somehow, I believe him.


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