Madeleine McCann Witness Breaks 10 Year Silence Over What He Saw

Reopening the case.

A retired pilot who was one of the first people to report sightings of the missing Madeleine McCann has opened up about what he witnessed after staying silent for over a decade.

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Andre van Wyk says he saw something strange unfold just 14 miles away from Praia Da Lux, Portugal, which is where Kate and Gerry McCann believed that their daughter was. Andrew told the Daily Star how he witnessed a suspicious couple attempting to hide the face of a young, blonde girl:

Andrew Wyk

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I was on the road from Portimao to Lagos when I passed a horse drawn carriage with a couple on it.

They were possibly middle aged and were dressed like the gypsies normally dress. What caught my attention was the woman.

She was cradling what appeared like a young girl with blonde hair. Because the Maddie case was the topic of the day, I turned and followed them.

When they turned onto the old bridge leading to Parchal, the woman had covered the child’s head with a cloth of some sort.

Kate and Gerry McCann

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He went on to describe how the girl was then taken to a gypsy camp. Andrew said he reported it to the police back in 2007:

At that time any clue, how insignificant it might appeared at the time, was reported to the police.

I reported it to the police and they took my statement. Whether they investigated or not, I cannot tell.

However, two days after my sighting of the blonde child, I passed the gypsy site again and they had moved on.

Whether this recent announcement will reissue his statement to be used as part of the investigation is yet to be seen. It seems more likely than most of the other sightings that have come out since her disappearance, due to the fact that it was the first one.

Of course, the investigations still continue, but I think many of us still speculate the evidence that suggests that Kate and Gerry are the real suspects. I’m not making any accusations here, but if you want to watch a documentary that includes facts to support this argument, click HERE and scroll down to the bottom of the story.


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