Reports Claim Madeleine McCann Has Been Found


Is this a 13-year-old Maddie?

An English-speaking girl spotted roaming the streets of Rome has been spotted, with many believing it could be the missing Madeleine McCann.

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The girl, who is believed to be in her teens, was spotted walking around Italy’s capital. According to reports, she refuses to accept cash and has been described as polite, although her Italian skills are minimal.

She responds to the name Maria, but has provided various names to police officers when asked. However, Madeleine McCann would now be 13-years-old, so some are speculative that this girl looks slightly older. It’s questionable, check out the pictures in comparison:


Pictures of the roaming teen were posted to Missing Persons of America, with many people throwing out other theories of who it could be. One woman from Italy, Lorena Kollobani, said on the website:

I don’t know if she is even American. I’ve seen her in Rome streets. She sleeps outside and has mental problems I think.

But looks she hasn’t done this kind of life before because she doesn’t accept money and she is very careful and well behaved while eat (sic). I think she is a foreign student because she doesn’t know any Italian.

Other reports from local newspapers are stating that the girl is unresponsive and appears to suffer from either trauma or mental illness.


There’s always going to be a chance that it could be the missing Madeleine McCann, but the problem is that there have been so many theories surrounding her death and other sightings that you have to take these reports with a pinch of salt. I for one am a huge skeptic as I believe that it was the parents who did it. Don’t believe me? Then check out this documentary first and then get back to me. It’s a long film, but stick with it if you can – it will blow your mind:


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