Here Are Some Mad Max Posters Improved By Comments Made By Daily Mail Readers

Mad Max Posters

‘Feminists want to ruin everything!’

Mad Max: Fury Road is undoubtedly one of the films of the year – if you haven’t seen it yet go watch the trailer and then immediately go to the cinema to check it out – but some people have been a little unhappy with its feminist undertones because (spoiler alert) Charlize Theron is basically more of a badass than Mad Max in it.

Of course, this subculture of people could be categorised under the heading ‘People Who Leave Comments On The Daily Mail Website’ and The Poke decided to ‘improve’ some of the posters to the movie by adding some of their comments as the tag lines. As you can see below and on the slideshow, they’ve come out spectacularly. Makes you wonder why George Miller didn’t think up some of them himself really.

These are all 100% real comments by the way too.

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