Machine Gun Kelly Has Released A 50 Minute Music Video For His ‘Tickets To My Downfall’ Album

It’s called ‘Downfalls High’.

It was pretty weird last year when Machine Gun Kelly decided to ditch the mumble rap that had made him famous and team up with Travis Barker to make an old school pop punk record and even weirder when it turned out to be really good, so it makes sense that he’s trying to get as much mileage out of it as possible by releasing a 50 minute music video for the whole album.

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The movie/music video is called ‘Downfalls High’ and is inspired by Grease 2 apparently, seeing the hot girl from high school fall in love with the boy from the wrong side of the tracks who’s starting a punk band and wants to end up dead when he’s older. This is all interspersed with Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker performing all the songs from the album in increasingly weird locations/settings.

Incredibly, the video had 16 million streams over the weekend when it was released and already had a million on YouTube after beings tuck up nine hours ago, so it’s clear that it’s resonating with a whole bunch of people. Take a look at it below on your lunch break or something:

Yeah I haven’t watched it all yet – these articles don’t write themselves you know – but I had a quick scroll through it and it kinda reminds of the video to Green Day’s ‘Jesus Of Suburbia’. I’m not really too up to scratch on music videos these days but I can’t really think of anything this ambitious since then so I’ve gotta give props to MGK for even attempting it. Hopefully when I get round to watching it it isn’t super lame, but the early signs are good so I’m hopeful.

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