Remember the Mac And Cheese Dickhead? He Just Got Arrested Again

The star of 2015’s best viral video is back in handcuffs.

A year or so back we shared footage of Luke Gatti, a former student at the University Of Connecticut who went into a drunken rage over a jalapeno-bacon mac and cheese and ended up going viral for it.

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Here’s a reminder:

He’d even released this apology video afterwards, when he realised what a twat he looked like:

Well turns out Luke has got himself in trouble again, having been arrested this week after attacking a police officer over in Miami. Officers were trying to take him into protective custody for his own safety after he legged it from a rehab centre with no shoes on.

According to Mass Live:

Gatti hit (the officer’s) hand away when she reached for him, at which point a second officer grabbed him by the arm. Gatti backed up, causing both to fall into a closed door that then came off its hinges. They fell on the floor, the officer on top of Gatti. Schuss wrote that Gatti continued to struggle until she told him he would be tased if he didn’t stop resisting.

No other details yet, but he’s scheduled for a court appearance on July 27.


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Lesson not learnt the first time around I guess? And to think we really believed that apology video was sincere. At least he didn’t get baited out on camera this time I suppose… although there’s a fair chance that footage is out there just waiting to be uploaded onto the internet. Here’s hoping!

Speaking of mac and cheese – check out this deep-fried mac and cheese burger. Mmmm.


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