Man takes ironing to new extremes. Apparently he’s not the only one as we look into a subculture known as ‘extreme ironing.’

With the recent closure of the M1 following a fire at a scrap yard, thousands of drivers were held up in traffic jams for hours and with it coinciding with the London marathon and various other sporting events, motorists across the UK were despairing at the inconvenience. However, one man managed to see the silver lining.

On Monday 18th April, at approximately 9am, one eager house-husband, donning a rather fetching dressing gown, wandered onto the M1 to catch up on a spot of ironing. He was caught on camera by some surprised photographers who were covering the closure of the M1. With all lanes closed the man happily got on with his ironing, undisturbed by any usual household distractions.

The man in question is assumed to have been taking part in a sport dubbed Extreme Ironing. Believe it or not, this particular stunt was one of the safer ones, with others including ironing whilst skydiving, ironing whilst rock climbing and even ironing on a cow. I’ve always tried to avoid ironing as much as possible but perhaps if I’m half way up a mountain I’d be more willing? Or perhaps not.


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