M. Night Shyamalan’s New Movie ‘Split’ Looks Absolutely Terrifying

Split James McAvoy

Early contender for the scariest movie of 2017.

Back in the mid 00s, M. Night Shyamalan was the hottest new writer/director on the block and every one of his movies looked like it was going to be seriously good when you saw the trailer.

Then shit like ‘The Village’ and ‘The Happening’ came out and his stock considerably dropped, to the point where I haven’t really even heard of him releasing any movies in the past few years. It looks like he might be back on form though with his new release ‘Split’.

The movie stars James McAvoy as a weirdo who kidnaps three girls. His victims quickly realise that he’s a schizophrenic with 23 personality types inhabiting his body. It looks freaky as fuck:

Geez. I jumped a few times and felt uncomfortable just watching the trailer to that, so just imagine what the whole movie’s going to be like. Unfortunately we’ve got to wait until January 20th to find out, but I’m hoping it will be worth the wait and doesn’t end up having a terrible twist at the end like most of Shyamalan’s movies. It almost certainly will though, right?

Oh well, we only have to wait one week after it until the new ‘Trainspotting’ movie comes out, and you know that’s going to be good.


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