This New Device Will Shock You When Your Back Isn’t Straight


Is bad posture becoming a problem? You won’t need mum to remind you to “sit up straight” with one of these.

There’s a good chance you were slouching as you read the title of this post, and you’ll probably go right back into hunchback mode as soon as you’re done reading it.

The good news is you won’t need anyone to remind you to “sit up straight” or “put your shoulders back” when you have one of these — The LumoBack.


The LumoBack works as a sensor strapped around your lower waist that sends you a vibrating nudge whenever you start slouching. The first nudge comes after you’ve been exhibiting bad posture for four seconds, then again at 11 seconds. If you haven’t corrected your posture after that, the device will assume you don’t want to be nudged anymore and will stop buzzing. When you change positions, the nudges will restart.

Genius. It might be what you need to stop slouching. You can pre-order one for £65 here.

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