Low Budget Horror Movie ‘The Wretched’ Has Been Number One In The US For Three Weeks

Who would have thought?

I bet when the makers of ‘The Wretched’ finished their movie, they didn’t think that they would even get into the box office top ten, let alone the number one spot, but this is exactly what happened after their movie became one of the only ones playing at drive in movie theatres in the US.

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Regular cinemas are still closed over in the States, but 150 of America’s 306 drive thru cinemas have opened up in recent weeks and have proved to be more popular than ever thanks to the current conditions. This also means that only indie movies are being released and with ‘The Wretched’ being described as by the numbers summer horror fare, it’s been the breakout movie of the pandemic, raking in $296,954 since its release on May 1st.

Take a look at the trailer below:

Yeah, I could probably imagine myself watching that from the comfort of my car on the huge screen in a drive thru theatre – hell I would probably go to the cinema over here to check it out, but sadly that isn’t an option right now. If only they exited over here, but I guess we don’t need anything else to pine for during our present situations do we?

If you’re desperate to check out ‘The Wretched’, then it is available over here on Amazon Prime, YouTube and Google Play. Might be a good Saturday night in it for you.

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