‘Love Island’ Couple’s Sex Tape Stolen In Smash And Grab


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A couple from the reality TV show ‘Love Island’ are fearful that their “tasteful” sex tape will be leaked after it was stolen in a smash and grab.

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The pair, who have admitted they had sex during their time in ‘Love Island’, handed their home video to publicist Rob Cooper. However, this private footage was stolen from his car and he is now offering £25,000 for its return.

Apparently the video was made in August, just weeks after the show wrapped up. They did film it with the intent that it would be marketed on the internet, but now that it has been nicked, it could be published without their control.

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The unnamed couple are allegedly devastated by the theft. No sh*t – I’m sure they were excited to make a pretty penny of its sale. Publicit Rob said that he had just finished a photoshoot when he pulled into a service station with a copy of the video.

The laptop and three SD cards were in a laptop sleeve placed in the footwell on the passengers side alongside some paperwork.

I was on the phone to another client via a handsfree kit, so when I pulled into the services I ended the call at 6:06pm, then after spending ten minutes inside I reconnected the phone and continued my journey at 6:17pm, thats how I can be so specific on timings.

When I returned to the car, I noticed that the door was slightly jarred open, however, there was a Louis Vuitton backpack on the back seat which was still there so I assumed I was just being paranoid – when I got home I realised the laptop sleeve was gone along with its contents.

Man he must feel like a right idiot for not watching that with his life. The couple had reportedly agreed to release the tape so long as it was worth more than £100k and had hoped to negotiate a deal with Vivid Entertainment in Hollywood – the same company responsible for marketing Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton’s lucrative sex tapes. However, it looks like all of their hopes and dreams of becoming a celebrity have been smashed, unless they can somehow get the tape home safe. But in this day and age it’s unlikely – expect a preview leak very soon.

On a side note, isn’t it just the most depressing thing in the world that to be a celebrity in 2017 means to market your own sex tape? People are done with using their intelligence, wit and skills to make something of themselves – instead they just make a sex tape and BAM – they’re millionaires.


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