Love Island Australia Is Out Of Control As British Fans Say It’s Better Than UK Version


Thought the antics of Megan, Eyal, Dr Alex etc on Love Island made for exhilarating television? Well apparently it’s like watching ‘Songs of Praise’ compared to the Australian version.

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The Aussies are also in Majorca filming their own series of the show, and from the looks of it the drama levels are superseding that of the Brits’.

Here’s some of the madness that went down last night – with the entire crew all having a go at each other before almost coming to fisticuffs:

And an extended look if you prefer:


They’ve now got the attention of UK viewers:

Might be a shout to just merge the villas and let an all-out Brits Vs Aussies showdown take place. Nothing wrong with a bit of friendly competition is there? 

Wonder if any of the Australian contestants have a secret porn star past, as we discovered about Megan Barton Hanson the other day.


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