Love And Marriage Expert Claims Cheating Is ‘Good’ For Your Relationship

Fantastic news.

Anyone who has ever been cheated on probably knows that it’s one of the worst things in the world, but a relationship guru from over in America is claiming that it can actually be good for your marriage.

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Esther Perel (pictured below) had the following to say about her controversial opinion:

Many affairs are break-ups, but some affairs are make-ups.

I think people should be able to determine for themselves the choices that they will make and the consequences thereof.

To just push people to divorce and to think that divorce is always the better solution when it dissolves all the family bonds… entire lives are intertwined with a marriage.

Affairs force a couple to take stock of their marriage. Sometimes the relationship that comes out is stronger, and more honest and deeper than the one that existed before, because people finally step up.

Esther Perel

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Right. I mean maybe she does have a point but it seems like a fairly simplistic and naive view of the situation, especially given that she’s supposed to be an expert in it is well.

Of course, Esther is just releasing a new book entitled ‘The State of Affairs – Rethinking Infidelity’ which sounds like the kind of book that’s just based around a deliberately controversial (and probably wrong for the most part) statement in order to sell copies. It’s probably going to work for her too, for the same reason that you clicked on this article. Woman’s a genius I guess.

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