Study Finds That If Your Girlfriend Does This During Sex Then She’s Probably Cheating On You

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The telltale signs.

Being cheated on is the absolute worst and I imagine most people would probably do anything in order to avoid it happening to them. So if you’re a guy then the results of this study might help you out with avoiding that problem.

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The 2013 study was entitled ‘Human Female Orgasm as Evolved Signal’ and posits that girls who are faking orgasms with their boyfriends when they’re having sex are more likely to end up cheating on them. I suppose you could say that’s fairly obvious – if a girl ain’t getting it from you then she’s gonna be getting it from someone else – but at least we now have scientific proof of that.

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The study gathered 138 female subjects and 121 male subjects. Women were asked about the frequency and quality of their orgasms, whereas the guys were asked whether they believed their girlfriends actually climaxed during sex or not. Both sets were asked about their history of infidelity and whether they would cheat again, and the numbers proved that there was a relationship between faking orgasms and cheating. Again, no shit.

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Interestingly, it wasn’t the number of orgasms that women were achieving that led to infidelity, but only if they were faking them or not. Of course, I doubt most guys can actually tell if their girlfriends are faking them, but if you suspect that then you should probably have a conversation with them about it before it’s too late. Or try some more wild shit like doing it in the butt or something.

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