Love Avocados? Then This Restaurant Is For You


Surprised this hasn’t happened sooner.

In 2017, everybody is eating avocados and one dude is looking to capitalise on this by opening up the first ever avocado restaurant in Amsterdam.

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The restaurant will be called ‘The Avocado Show’ and is set to open sometime in 2017. Run by friends Julien Zaal, Ron Simpson and Jaimie van Heije, the eatery aims to provide all things avocado, with a couple of the dishes able to be seen below courtesy of the place’s Instagram page.

The friends said this:

The possibilities are endless. Our only rule is that the dishes need to contain the green super fruit in one way or another.

The Avocado Show is going to be open all day, so you can visit it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a late night healthy snack – which actually doesn’t sound like too bad of an idea. I’m fairly sure the restaurant will be a banging success to be honest, given the popularity of avocados in the past couple of years.

If on the other hand you can’t stand avocados, here’s a few reasons why they absolutely suck. One of our old writers really wasn’t into them.


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