Some Lousy Parents Have Issued Their 18 Year Old Son With An Eviction Notice


It’s a hard line being a parent and providing enough love and support for your child without letting them be independent, but I don’t think that extends to the hardline approach of literally serving with them an eviction notice when they’re just 18.

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This is what one family decided to do with their kid though, issuing them the following notice which they forced him to sign and his sister to act as a witness for.

This is a 30 day eviction notice effective 8 day of June 2019, of a separate room located in the basement of [redacted]. You will have access to the spare couch in the current playroom and you will have access to the master suite bathroom for hygiene use once a day and the half bath located by the kitchen throughout the evening.

• You have 3 days to clean out your current room with items you want now, want to save for later, and stuff you cant to get rid of.

• You are not to go downstairs to aforementioned bedroom or upstairs at any time without prior permission once the eviction takes place.

• You are not allowed to harm yourself in any way or this contract is voided and you will be escorted from the property permanently. You are to treat all members of the current household with repect in a non threatening manner. At any time if a threat/harm is received from you to a family member of the current household, this contract will be voided and you will be escorted from the property permanently.

• You must consistently be seeking employment by leaving the property starting at 9:00am until 10:00pm daily unless otherwise communicated by a parent. Due to the celebration of the Sabbath, you will have a free day every Saturday starting at 6:00pm on Friday to 6:00pm on Saturday.

• You have 60 days to save enough money to move into your own place. After 60 days, you must show why you cannot move out or you will be evicted from the property.

OK so on the face of it that looks completely horrendous but I’m gonna try and play Devil’s Advocate here. On the one hand, it must be kind of frustrating for parents to have to deal with a deadbeat son and have to provide for them all the time when they show literally no ambition, but from what I’m reading here it sounds like the kid may have had learning difficulties or something (he’s apparently still in the 11th grade) which may have made him literally unable to graduate from school or get a job.

Either way, I don’t think issuing him an eviction notice when he’s 18 is the way to handle it. Maybe if he was 29 or something then sure, but I think at 18 there are way more things that can be done to help him figure his shit out rather than this extreme tough love approach. The fact that the kid literally tried to kill himself because of the shitty situation he was in (that’s why that clause was put in) only further exemplifies how truly awful these parents are here.

Fortunately the boy was teen in by his neighbours – their biological son is the original poster on Reddit – and seems to be doing much better as they’ve teaching him how to drive and helping him find a job and get his grades up.

For more of the same, check out this story about a 30 year old who got evicted by his parents. That was probably fair enough.


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