Louis Theroux To Take On Donald Trump ‘Phenomenon’ In His Next Documentary Series

Louis Trump

This is going to be good.

Louis Theroux is going to tackle the Donald Trump “phenomenon” for his upcoming documentary series.

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Turning his attention to the challenge of exploring the US President, he said:

It feels like a whole cultural, almost sea change in how the world is part of the post-Brexit wave of populism.

The story seems to change every day with Trump. There’s something new bubbling under. It’s hard to get your head around such a big subject.


The challenge with Trump would be… something so abhorrent that walks on two legs and is a human being, you have to explore where his foibles come from.


Exciting stuff. Even more exciting is that this is part of a new three-part series filmed in America coming up on BBC2. On the series, he added, “hopefuly people will like it. It’s good.” Pretty vague comments there, but we’ll take it. There’s no doubt that it’s going to be good – Louis smashes it every time. We can trust that Louis will take this subject, which has been covered to death, and provide a new spin and fresh perspective on it. Can’t wait.

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Hopefully the recent rumours that Louis is thinking of teaming up with Stormzy turn out to be true too.


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