Louis Theroux Is Making A New Documentary About Sexual Assault And Consent

Go Louis.

Louis Theroux is one of the most consistently good documentary makers out there, so it makes sense that he would tackle one of the biggest issues that has come to light in the recent years with the #MeToo movement in his next documentary: sexual assault and the nature of consent.

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The documentary will be called ‘The Night In Question’ and will be a one off special produced for BBC 2. It will feature Louis interviewing victims of sexual assault on American University campuses where the problem is becoming more and more apparent over the last couple of years.

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Never one to settle for one side of the story, Louis will also interview those who feel as though their reputation has been tarnished due to the accusations levelled against them. That could make for some very uncomfortable viewing – in fact the whole thing sounds like it’s going to make you writhe around in your chair whilst you’re watching it due to the subject matter but I guess that’s the formula that makes Louis such a good documentary maker.

The documentary doesn’t have a premiere date yet but I assume that it’s coming sometime this year, maybe around Easter or something as the BBC tends to save things like this for a big event day of television. We’ll let you know when it’s airing though.

In the meantime, why don’t you check him out critiquing a bunch of fans’ Louis Theroux tattoos? So meta.


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