Louis Theroux Is Going To Make A Documentary About Donald Trump

Louis Theroux Trump

This is what the world needs right now.

Louis Theroux is well known as one of the world’s favourite documentary makers, so it’s no surprise that for his next project he wants to tackle one of the biggest problems in the world right now: President Donald Trump.

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And it seems like he’s already set the ball rolling on it thanks to a recent tweet, which teases the title of the documentary and takes inspiration from Trump himself. Check it out:

Of course, this is in reference to one of Trump’s recent tweets where he referred to himself as ‘a very stable genius’ – obviously a great indicator of somebody being mentally stable is when they refer to themselves as being stable. Here are those tweets in case you missed them:

Classic Trump really –  a phrase that I seem to be uttering all too often these days. In fairness as well even thought that is a sick title, by the time that Louis has finished the documentary I’m sure he’ll have about another thousand lines to choose from. That just seems to be the kind of person Trump is.

Anyway, I’m sure we’re all in agreement that if Louis did make a documentary on Trump it would be up to his usual standards i.e. absolutely incredible and it’s probably the movie/TV show that the world needs right now. Let’s hope it’s not too long until we see it.

For more of the same, check out Louis’ rumoured collaboration with Stormy. That would also be good.


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