Loudmouth Looking For A Fight Gets Annihilated With The Most Perfect Knockout Punch Ever

This is the most embarrassing knockout of all time.

The story goes that this guy was taking the time out of his day to help his mate move some stuff into his new apartment, when this drunk loudmouth showed up getting in the way and looking to fight him.

In the end, he had no choice but to retaliate:

Just goes to show there’s certain people in this world you just don’t mess with — and someone unloading a fat truck full of someone else’s furniture is one of them. There’s a million other things they’d rather be doing, especially at that time of night, so the last thing you want to do is challenge them to a fight when their blood’s already at peak boiling point. Easiest thing in the world for them to KO some gassed up nutter and leave him with his legs spread open in the air like the Virgin Mary.

P.S. Ever seen a knockout in iPhone 6 slow-motion? Check THIS out.


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