Guy Gives Honest NSFW Answer When Asked On Live TV What He’d Do With Lottery Money

Money will do savage things to people.

Turns out the UK isn’t the only place where the lottery keeps rolling over into ridiculously unthinkable amounts; the same thing’s happening over in the States where their equivalent (the Powerball) is expected to rise to $675 million (£462m) on Saturday — holy fuck.

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This one guy gave a refreshingly honest answer when a reporter asked him on live TV what he’d spend his winnings on:

Guess that’s fair enough.

I’ll be honest, after hearing about the upcoming UK jackpot of £60 million this Saturday, I considered dropping £50 on Lucky Dips. Then I started thinking about all the things I could enjoy with £50 and felt like a total arsehole. How many lottery tickets can you realistically buy in one go without feeling like a complete wasteman?

There’s a reason why they call it the ‘idiot tax’ after all. But at the same time, somebody has to win (eventually).

Your best bet is checking out our run-down of top 5 tips to win the Lottery. Increases your chances by about 67%.


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