Looks Like Batman Is Latest Person To Try And End The Killer Clown Epidemic


The Dark Knight rises.

There have been an incredible amount of ‘killer clown’ sightings in places all over America and the UK in the past couple of weeks, and it’s got a lot of people worried and with fair reason – some of these clowns have been seen carrying knives and machetes and threatening people, which means if you see one wandering around at night then you’re probably going to shit a brick.

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Luckily for us though, the true nemesis of all clowns out there – or at least one high profile one – has emerged from the shadows to try and help us through this trying time. I am of course talking about the Dark Knight himself, Batman.

Up in Whitehaven in Cumbria, a man has been spotted patrolling the streets at night dressed as Batman in order to try and deter the killer clowns from doing whatever the hell it is they’re trying to achieve when they walk around at night trying to freak people out.

Interestingly, Cumbrian Superheroes is a cosplay shop up in Cumbria that has apparently decided to send one of their employees out onto the streets dressed up as Batman. They’re keen to stress the fact that he’s doing it merely to reassure children and that he is no way a vigilante. Kinda sounds like the real Batman (the real Batman lol) in that he’s constantly being questioned by the media despite the fact he’s just trying to help everyone out.

How cool is it that Cumbria has its own cosplay shop though with what looks like an awesome Batman costume as well? Jealous.

I’m all for this way of scaring killer clowns off though – it’s probably better than going around your neighbourhood and pulling guns on them to be honest. Although that probably works as well.


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