Looking To Buy A Hideous Gift For A Loved One? Try Morgans Mutations

Why not spin out a loved one with some gory gifts?

I don’t generally go in for product promotion in my articles, but Morgans Mutations are a cut above. Somehow Morgan W Loebel takes clay and everyday items and turns them into a freaky but useful horror show for the whole family to enjoy. His gore infused items won’t fit in with everyone’s decor, but what they lack in subtlety they make up for in blood and guts.

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His trinkets remind me of that NSFW heavy metal gore album cover art we popped up a while ago, except less gross. Loebel was born and raised in the midwest, and presently resides in Lawrence, Kansas. He came into the art world through a pretty strange route. He wasn’t some kid who went to a fancy art school, he actually cut his teeth literally cutting teeth. I’ll let Loebel explain:

After completing my two-year training in technical drafting right out of high school, I began my twenty year long career as a dental laboratory technician. This was an extremely meticulous career, it was also one that required patience, artistic skill, and a steady hand. I fabricated realistic, detailed crowns, bridges and other dental prosthesis at high volume…in the 20 years I was at the lab I must have made hundreds of thousands of teeth.

Anyhow, here are some of his most recent mutations. If my Mum is watching, I’ll have one of the iPhone covers for Crimbo please. Cheers:

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Pen Holder

Morgans Mutations - A Pencil Holder

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