London’s Olympic ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower Is Being Turned Into The World’s Biggest Slide

World's largest Slide

This is some of the most exciting news ever.

Some of the most exciting news to hit the country in a while here, with it being announced today that our nation’s capital is soon to be home to the world’s largest slide.

It seems like the powers that be have decided to do something with the £22.3 million ArcelorMittal Tower – which has a regular day job of looking like an absolute monstrosity as it overlooks the Olympic Park –  and that’s to make it into the world’s largest slide. You already have the option to climb up the sculpture or abseil down it, but I doubt many people are going to be flocking to do either of those things really, especially as abseiling costs a cool £85.

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World's Largest Slide Blueprint

The slide will be much cheaper at around £5 a pop and will start at the 80 metre mark, winding around the sculpture five times before a final 50m slide straight to the ground. You’ll travel roughly at an average speed of six metres a second, which is pretty rapid, and they’ll also be transparent sections of the slide so you can marvel at the view and architecture. Probably more of the former.

The whole journey (?) will take around 40 seconds. That might seem like a pretty expensive price for such a short amount of time but a) this is London and b) it’s also the world’s largest slide so you’ve really just got to pay the going rate for it as you can’t get the same experience anywhere else can you?

Unfortunately it’s not due to open until spring next year, but you can bet people will be queuing up in their masses next year to ride it, unless they’ve been saving since this year to go and try out the world’s largest waterslide in America. I know which one I’d prefer – unfortunately I haven’t been saving though.


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