London Is Getting A New Sex Cinema



It’s hard to believe, but way back when before the internet and home videos and magazines made it unbelievably easy to access, then the only way to watch people have sex was to head on down to Soho and pay for the privilege in a cinema or at a live sex show.

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Although I imagine most people would be thankful that they no longer had to wank in the presence of others – for a variety of reasons I’m sure – some dude called Matthew Holroyd, who is the founder of Baron & Baroness magazine, whatever that is – has decided to reopen a sex cinema in London. Great.

The cinema will be located in the Ditto gallery in Islington and is supposed to be a bit more ‘highbrow’ than those located in the old times:

We’re playing on the idea of a sex cinema and this will be quite different taking a conceptual approach with films to be thought over rather than lusted over.

When we visualise sex and the moving image it is pornography that most people will think of but sex can have a higher value than that. You don’t have to come in a leather mac to watch these films.

OK. Not really sure what the point of them is to be honest in that case but OK thanks for setting it up I suppose dude. The pop up is going to be open for three days from tomorrow until Saturday and tickets cost £10 each. There’s also the option to get popcorn and drinks, as well as a dildo from the onsite sex shop. Perfect.

All the movies they’re showing sound kind of bunk unless you’re into arty sex movies, but they include titles such as Sarah Baker – Angel, Eloise Parry – My Little Cupcake and Monique Bröring – Two Cocks. Not my bag but sure, feel free to go down.

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