This 2-Year-Old Girl’s Paintings Are Selling For Thousands

Can’t knock the hustle.

Lola June, a 2-year-old who is literally still in diapers, is taking the New York art world by storm as she sells her paintings for hundreds and thousands of dollars to wealthy collectors.

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More than 12 of Lola’s acrylic paintings have been snapped up for up to $1,600, says her proud mum:

It’s an honour to be her parent.

She teaches me to be a better human.

Celebrity dermatologist Dr. David Colbert recently purchased two after spotting them in the Chashama gallery window:

I was walking down the street and I looked in the window and thought ‘These pieces are really great’, … before purchasing two pieces for $600 and $250.

I thought her work was from the heart. I watched her smile when she was painting. I thought ‘This has got a little dash of Jackson Pollock and a dash of Cy Twombly’,

I mean that just sounds pretentious AF, doesn’t it?

About a third of Lola’s art collection has been sold, with the rest priced from $400 to as much as $23,000. Here are some examples:

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At first this story annoyed me. I mean we know the modern art world is an absolute joke, but how much of a mug do you have to be to spend thousands of dollars on a 2-year-old’s paintings?

But then I thought – good for Lola June. Why not hustle these smug, self-important, pretentious art wankers for everything they’ve got? If Lola June can convince these people to purchase her art work for $23,000 at the age of 2, just imagine how much she’ll be selling them for when she learns how to actually paint. She’s 2 years old and pretty much set for life if she keeps this up – awesome. 

Almost as good a hustle as the basic blue canvas that sold for $46.5 million at Sotheby’s. Jesus.


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