Logan Paul’s Flat Earth Documentary Is Actually A Parody

Logan paul

It still sucks though.

We talked about a week ago about how Logan Paul had become a Flat Earther and spent the last six months or so making a feature length documentary on the subject, but after it dropped yesterday it turns out that it’s all a joke.

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That’s right, as dumb as Logan Paul is, he’s not actually a Flat Earther and instead tried to make a funny parody documentary about the subject, even attending a Flat Earth convention and speaking to actual believers. Unfortunately, the film is about as inane and stupid as most of the content Paul puts out which probably means that it’s going to be massively successful but anyone with a brain is going to find it pretty hard going.

Take a look for yourself if you’ve got a spare 50 minutes (hardly feature length either hey Logan):

Yeah I didn’t watch it either, but I’ve gotta stick it in there for the article. If you wanna know what happens at the end, Logan Paul says that Flat Earth theory is the dumbest shit he’s ever heard in his life, but then also questions whether there even is an Earth at all in the first place. Pretty deep right?

Anyway, glad I didn’t spend 50 minutes of my life watching that crap. Hope that nobody else did either.

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