Logan Paul Created An Actually Sick Custom Table Top Using 15 Game Boys

Damn that’s cool.

A waste of perfectly good and playable Game Boys? Maybe, but you have to admit it’s also a very cool bit of craftsmanship. Especially the fact it lights up and changes colours too.

A load of people are freaking out at him over it, of course, because apparently Game Boys are so rare and pricy these days that he’s deprived a bunch of people of owning them. I mean just get a load of some of these comments…

Blimey. The guy paid for those Game Boys, didn’t he? As far as I can tell he can do what he wants with them. Hate to say it but I’m #TeamLoganPaul on this one. Is it too late to put this Game Boy table top on my Christmas wish list? Well, maybe next year.

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