Logan Paul Now Wants To Fight Tommy Fury To Get Revenge For Brother’s Loss

The feud goes on.

The Jake Paul Tommy Fury rivalry came to a head in a very underwhelming boxing match in Saudi Arabia on Sunday night, but it looks as if their feud is going to continue for some time with Jake demanding a rematch and now his brother Logan looking to get involved as well.

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Logan is no stranger to the boxing world himself having fought KSI and Floyd Mayweather over the past few years and he’s now spoken up and said he wants to fight Tommy Fury to get revenge for his brother Jake’s loss. Jake and Logan were discussing the loss on the BS/W Jake Paul podcast when Logan said the following:

If you don’t [have a rematch], I’d like to handle that … That was like my first instinct, obviously.

Yeah that’s what I said. He’s my little brother. F**k that. Inflatable arm ass, motherf***er. F**k.

Yeah I’m not really sure if that’s really sending out a challenge to Tommy Fury, but there’s clearly a lot of money to be made for everyone involved to keep the feud going and having more stupid boxing matches that won’t be very entertaining but everyone will tune in and watch anyway. Sign me up.

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