Logan Paul Comes Out As A Flat-Earther And Has Made His Own Documentary On It

What an idiot.

The theory that the Earth is flat is one of the dumbest and most dangerous ideas out there, and it’s about to reach a whole new audience of youngsters thanks to Logan Paul.

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Logan released a trailer to an upcoming documentary this week in which he attends a flat Earth convention and interviews people there. It’s already racked up over 1.3 million views. He is shown telling a cheering audience:

My name is Logan Paul and I think I am coming out of the flat earth closet.

A while back YouTube claimed it would begin to ‘limit reach’ of disinformation videos including ones claiming the Earth is flat, but they refused to comment on whether Logan Paul’s video would be affected too (he is one of YouTube’s biggest stars after all).

It’s just so crazy that the flat Earth theory has been gaining steam over the last few years, even though it’s been debunked countless times. Logan Paul has literally made millions out of being a professional idiot and looks like he has no problem peddling this stuff to millions of kids and teenagers around the world who are obsessed with him.

I mean it’s one thing to have kids believe in father Christmas and the tooth fairy, it’s quite another to teach them that the Earth is flat. Hopefully they’ll grow up to realise what an absolute moron this guy is, albeit a successful moron.

For the Netflix documentary in which flat Earthers accidentally proved to themselves that the Earth is round, click HERE.


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