Lockdown Law Breakers Told Police They Didn’t Know There Was A Global Pandemic

Good one.

We’ve heard a load of dumb excuses over the past year that we’ve been dealing with Coronavirus and lockdowns etc, but I don’t think any of them have been anywhere near as dumb as this one that was offered up on Saturday night in Basingstoke.

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Here’s the tweet courtesy of Hampshire Police Department:

Lol. I mean it’s fairly obvious that they’re lying about that, but you think that they would have come up with something a bit more believable than that they weren’t aware of the global pandemic. Do you genuinely think there is anyone in the world that’s unaware of the pandemic at his point? Maybe that tribe that live on an island somewhere and don’t have access to any technology, but not some idiots having a party in fucking Basingstoke of all places. Must do better.

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