Locals Terrified By Five Year Old Boy Dressed As Chucky

Great parenting.

It’s not quite Halloween yet but one five year old kid doesn’t seem to have received the memo as he’s been running around his hometown dressed as Chucky and scaring the absolute shit out of everyone.

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The little whippersnapper was first brought to everyone’s attention when Kendra Walden posted on Facebook about seeing him roaming around the streets of her town Pinson, Alabama on his own. The post went viral and was shared over 100,000 times and this led to the kid being identified as five year old Jackson Reed.

Here’s what his mother Britnee had to say about the situation:

That’s just kind of how his personality is.He dresses up in different costumes throughout the week. He loves to make people laugh.

Now he’s being invited to birthday parties and events in his Chucky attire!

Well that’s nice I suppose, although I guess you have to wonder what Britnee is doing allowing her kid to just run around town in a Chucky costume unsupervised. I guess Pinson does look like your quintessential small American town where they don’t even lock their doors at night, but even so he could just end up running into traffic or doing something else stupid. Take better care of your kids pal.

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