51 Year Old Liz Hurley Just Proved She’s Still Got It With These Bikini Instagram Photos

One of the undisputed all time greats.

Liz Hurley was a superstar of the 90s/early 00s mainly because of her exceptionally good looks, although back then there wasn’t the medium of Snapchat/Instagram etc to show yourself off 24/7.

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So you’d think in 2016, at 51 years of age, Liz Hurley would be accepting the fact she’s getting older and would maybe just kick back and observe while all the Instagram models and what have you flaunt themselves on social media.

Nope – turns out she’s still got plenty left in the tank:



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One of my most precious memories of me and my boy…..

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One of the undisputed all time greats. Ok there might be some filter work going on but she legit looks like she’s still in her 30s in some of photos.

No wonder Bill Clinton couldn’t resist her.


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