Livestreamer Asks Protesters To Flip Over A Truck, Immediately Regrets It (VIDEO)

What a troll.

In addition to rioters and looters using the George Floyd protests as an excuse to raise hell and live out their teenage anarchist fantasies, there’s also no shortage of YouTube and Twitch streamers showing up for the sole purpose of getting some controversial footage for their channels.

As if there wasn’t enough chaos for him to film already, YouTuber ‘carl iii’ went up to a group of protesters and asked them to flip over a truck so he could film it. Unfortunately for Carl, the protesters he asked were the sensible kind:

Lol – he could not have got out of there fast enough could he? The sight of his shadow legging it at 100mph at the end of the video was laugh out loud funny. Guy literally turned into the Mr. Krabs meme when he realised these protesters were not on his wavelength at all.

Of course, things are bad enough across the States already without this idiot trying to incite further chaos and destruction. In fact I’m pretty sure that sort of behaviour is against YouTube’s policies so will be interesting to see what happens to his channel as it seems a bunch of people on Twitter are reporting him.

Here’s more footage of carl enjoying himself at the riots:

For the British teens arrested after mocking the death of George Floyd in a Snapchat photo, click HERE. Way to ruin your lives, boys.


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