Liverpool Residents Are Being Terrorised By Woman Crying Through Their Letterboxes At Night

Very mysterious.

There’s nothing creepier/scarier than someone banging on your front door in the middle of the night and I imagine that terror is amplified even more when they’re doing something really weird like crying into your letterbox.

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This is the situation that the residents of Burnard Crescent in Liverpool were faced with over the last weekend. Bec Edmunds explained the situation:


At around 4.30am someone was knocking at my door and crying through the letterbox. She appeared to have opened the back gate.

It’s awful, knowing that this lady came to mine is scary.

I feel like she’s going to come back and knowing she went through my back gate is even worse.

For this to happen is such a shock as you don’t expect it, I fear for my little boy.

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I’m not surprised – it sounds mega creepy and worrying. The story was corroborated by other people in the area who say they all experienced the knocking during the night.

One person said the woman claimed that she was stuck in Liverpool and wanted to use the toilet. I mean did she actually think a stranger was going to open their door for her and let her use the loo? Ridiculous.

Most people seem to think that it was some kind of robbery scam and that if they had opened the door, they would have immediately been accosted and burgled. Thankfully nobody suffered that fate, but it does leave us with the question of just what exactly that woman was up to and whether or not she’s OK. It looks like we’ll never know.

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