Twitch Streamer Gets Attacked By His Drunk Dad While Playing Call Of Duty (VIDEO)

Can’t even game in peace.

Unless you’re making a ton of money from your livestreams, no dad is going to appreciate you gaming all day when you could be out there looking for a real job. And what better way to communicate that than by punching your son in the face while he’s in the middle of a game of Warzone:

Definitely a parenting fail any time your son gets up and beats the shxt out of you when you’re trying to drunkenly discipline him. Not even mum yelling and screaming in the background could stop him. Hopefully this lad can now make enough money from his livestreams to move out and game in peace. Maybe by pummeling his dad on camera more often? Just an idea.

For the Iranian kid who got slapped into oblivion after playing a prank on his dad while he was sleeping, click HERE. Lesson learnt.


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