VIDEOS: Live Performance Super Fails

Spinal Tap - Live Performance Super Fails

Let’s laugh at some people shall we? Here’s some cringe-worthy footage of singers and bands looking like numb nuts. Uncomfortable viewing.

People are idiots as a general rule. I’m not saying I’m any better myself, I know that I am an idiot between 85% and 99% of the time, depending on who you ask. This, I think, may be the reason we all love watching people look like mega-dicks. It’s reassuring to know that however low we sink there will always be people within easy grabbing reach as we plummet below the surface. I’ve dug out a small collection of bands and fans looking like proper skittle-titted fvck weasels.

Guitar/ Face Incident

I’ll start you off with some fine looking fellows in unnecessarily baggy trousers. It’s bad to make a fool of yourself on stage, but when your band mate does it for you that’s even worse, and if it hurts like hell too then you’re going to be more than a tad ticked off. I would have loved to hear the ruckus backstage after this head wound:

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