Someone Has Created An Awesome Live Action Version Of The Original Donkey Kong Game

Live Action Donkey Kong

This is exceptional.

Donkey Kong was one of the original classics of arcade gaming and even if you weren’t around to enjoy it at the time, then I bet you know the exact format and how it goes. Try and avoid the barrels and get to the top and eventually catch Donkey Kong as he climbs higher and higher up the tower. Maybe you caught him up one day although I’m betting that you didn’t.

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Some guy called Banks has decided to create this awesome ‘live action’ version of the game and it completely rules. I mean, it isn’t really live action – it’s like a guy jumping around some CGI graphics, but it still looks awesome.

The guy playing Mario is a complete badass and there’s also an awesome dub step soundtrack made out of the original 8-bit soundtrack. It’s a seriously sick movie:

Dang, what a twist at the end there. Just when you thought Mario was going to get his girlfriend back, fucking Bowser comes out of nowhere and steals her away. You had probably better get used to that though Mario – you’ve got about 30 years of that happening to look forward to. You ain’t getting her back anytime soon man.

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