Little Girl Mistakes Old Man For Santa, He Plays Along Like An Absolute Champ

What an awesome man.

If you’re a big guy with a big white beard, there’s no escaping it — people are going to compare you to Santa all throughout Christmas and there’s a real chance young kids are going to legit think you’re the man himself.

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This little girl in a West Virginia Walmart over in the States clocked this old man (who not only has the belly and beard, but is also wearing a red shirt), and was convinced she was looking at Santa. Instead of correcting her, the man played along:

How adorable was that? Christmas is still the most exciting and magical time of year for this girl and this old man just made it one to remember. The time she ran into Father Christmas doing his shopping at Walmart. Really makes you remember what Christmas is all about when you catch yourself being a moody adult during the festive season.

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