Little Kid Gets Caught Getting Way Too Aggressive With Mannequin’s Boobs

Kid Mannequin Titties

There’s curiosity and then there’s straight up depravity.

There comes a time in every young heterosexual boy’s life when they just become obsessed with the female body and in particular, their boobs. There then follows a time when you have absolutely no chance of getting anywhere near them, which is probably the most frustrating part of their young lives.

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One kid had a novel way to try and investigate them though. It also seems like he started being consumed by this desire a lot earlier than other people too, as he looks about three years old.

But whenever it hits you – and maybe now if you still haven’t figured out how to get some – here’s a top tip: just find a naked mannequin in a store and go to town on it. Watch and learn:

What an absolute hero eh? I’m sure most straight guys can relate. It’s a shame the video doesn’t go on longer because the ways it’s going, he probably went from 0-depraved shit in about another 20 seconds.

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