Lionel Messi is a sickhead and this video shows you all 202 of his goals for Barcelona.

Kinda like the end of the season where Sick Chirpse brought you various end of season specials featuring the best goals and assists of the season (Top Ten Serie A Goals, Top Ten Premier League Goals, Top Ten Misses of the season, 101 greatest goals of the season, Top Ten Assists of the season) we’re now going to bring each of Lionel Messi’s 202 goals for Barcelona to you.

Everyone knows Lionel Messi is a complete sickhead but this video really does exemplify it. It features all his goals and thankfully doesn’t feature any stupid special effects. There are no replays either so you’ve got to pay attention if you want to see all of Lionel Messi’s great goals. And the majority of them are pretty great. You’ve got them all, the hat trick against Real Madrid, THAT goal against Getafe, THAT header in the Champions League final etc.

Even without replays the video is still an incredible 12 minutes long! I don’t know what that works out at per goal but I wouldn’t have expected it to be that long. Although I guess there are 202 goals to get through. 202 goals man, what a hero Lionel Messi is. Like, Jason Roberts is about ten years older than him and only has 161 career goals and he’s been playing way longer than Lionel Messi. His goals were all for crappy teams like Wigan and Blackburn and West Brom too, not the best team in the world Barcelona. There really aren’t any other words for Lionel Messi other than complete sickhead.

If you’re like me and don’t follow Spanish football and Lionel Messi as much as you should then this is pretty essential viewing. Check it out below and be prepared to see some of the sickest goals you’ve ever seen from a true sickhead, Lionel Messi:

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