This Lion Looks Pretty Pleased With Himself As He Bones A Lioness

That’s my boy.

I don’t often think about animals having sex because the connotations of what happens can literally blow your mind when you think about what all those different creatures can get up to, but when you see a picture like this you just can’t help but share it.

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The expression on the lion’s face above was taken from a picture of him enjoying himself boning a lioness in Maasai Mara National Reservin Kenya and well just take a look at him – he’s really digging it, isn’t he? Imagine grinning like that when you’re bonking your signiificant other – it just doesn’t happen really does it, which is probably why we usually do it with the lights off. 

The photographs were taken by 55 year old photographer Václav Šilha, who had the following to say about them: 

I like my photos to capture some interaction.

Whether among animals, nature or advancing civilisation.

As soon as the female is ready to mate, she would raise her tail and provoke him by rubbing him or crawling at his feet.

The male follows her impatiently, for the female leaves behind a strong odour.

This lasts for three to five days in females, and during this time the pair are able to mate up to 200 times.

Although mating itself takes only a few seconds, it is repeated about every 20 minutes.

Felt pretty good that lions only lasted for a few seconds there then because you know, if the king of the jungle blows his load that quickly it’s not so bad for the rest of us, but then I read he managed to do it every 20 minutes and he’s got me covered there too. Goddammit.

Fair play to this dude for absolutely owning it and killing it though. Bet he probably had a great time doing this 200 times over the next couple of days. Player.

For more animals having sex, here’s a story about a dog having some kind of bizarre sex life with his owners. Freaky.


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